BSD Faculty Advisory Committee

Faculty Advisory Committee (FAC)

The Committee was established in 2010 and serves as a forum in which the Deans and the faculty discuss major issues and impending decisions, and their impact on research, teaching, and scholarship. 









FAC Awards

FAC Distinguished Faculty Award

Since 2011, FAC has been honoring fellow faculty members for their contributions to our collective missions of excellence in education, research, diversity and inclusion, program innovation, service to the community and patient care.

FAC Francis H. Straus Mentorship Award

The Francis H. Straus Mentorship Award honors the memory of Dr. Francis H. Straus II, MD ’57, SM ’64 as a mentor of students, residents, and fellows during his many years as a member of our faculty in the department of Pathology.

Funding Opportunities

Faculty seeking external and internal funding for research are encouraged to click here for announcements of upcoming funding opportunities. 

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FAC Reports

FAC reports will be posted here on a monthly basis after FAC meetings.